Feeding Your Mini Pig

Feeding Your Mini Pig

Diet of your mini pig is extremely important.  We do not recommend under feeding or overfeeding.  Proper diet is related to the health and happiness of your pig.  An underfed pig will be unhealthy and an overfed pig will get obese.  Pigs are pigs and they would love to eat non stop all day long.  They can get vocal about their desires for food so it is important to keep a strict feeding schedule that your pig can depend on.

The recommended feed for the mini pig is pot bellied pig pellets.  There are a couple of very popular brands, Mazuri and Manna Pro.  We have also heard good things about Purina and Heartland.

The following is the recommended feeding amounts from Mazuri and Manna Pro per weight per day.



When your piglet gets to around 8-12 weeks old they may start acting really hungry.  That is a great time to introduce some vegetables and fruits if you haven’t.  A salad of mixed lettuce and veggies is a great supplemental meal.  Fruits should be a treat or training tool.

The best guide to your piglets weight gain or lack of is to look at their body.  You want your pig to have a healthy shape. You do not want your pig’s hips, ribs, or spine showing.  A nice lean body is a healthy body.  You do not want bulging belly or excessive fat.

The body conditioning chart below is a great guideline to determine if your pig is getting what it needs.  If your pig’s body is scoring below a 3 you need to add feed and above 3 you should cut back feed and supplement with healthy veggies.

More information on a healthy diet found here.



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