Parent Pigs

Our parent pigs are very popular with our visitors.  We have some of the cutest, friendliest mini pig parents you will find.  They are spoiled rotten and we think it shows.

We breed for temperament and health as our top priorities.   We love laid back, cuddly personalities and that is what we have in our parents.  We find they produce very loving, happy piglets that are easy to socialize.

We are registered breeders with the American Mini Pig Association.  To register we were required to agree to follow the code of ethics and provide proof of age and size of our parent pigs including pictures of measurements.  When you adopted a piglet from AMPA registered parent pigs you can also register that piglet into your name with the AMPA, becoming a part of a community dedicated to education and improving the lives of mini pigs across the globe.

More Updated Parent Pig Pictures Coming Soon!


Our rock star momma.  Toots is FULL of personality!  She is 4 years old, May 2016.  She has been with us since 2-3 weeks of age.  She and her brother Stinker are amazing pigs.  Toots is approx 15 inches tall.

Ive is the daughter of Tootsie and Sky.  She was born here May 26th, 2014.  She was raised in our home and is the most gentle, quiet pig we have owned.  She had a litter with daddy Tango on Sept. 15th and has 2 available males.  She measured 17 inches tall just before delivery and may loose an inch after all the baby weight is off.  She’s one fantastic mother and her babies are naturally friendly.  Social babies is always our goal and this is third generation success for fantastic temperament!

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Cute as a…Button is 3 years March 2nd, 2016.  She has lived with us since she was 9 weeks old.  A slow growing little pig.  Total diva!  Unique short, narrow snout.  Gorgeous tuxedo girl.  She’s aprox 15.5 inches tall.  Due with a litter in November.  

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Violet is a 1/4 Kune Kune that was born here.  Daughter of our Ruby, 1/2 Kune Kune.  Vi was a stunning striped baby, now a chocolate brown.  She is 4 years old February of 2016.  Approx 18 inches tall.

Sweet Pea
7 years old Sweet Pea has lived with us for 5 years.  She is a very gentle, quiet pig.  She and her sister Lily are fantastic mothers.  They produce lovely blue/gray babies.  Sweet Pea is approx 15 inches tall.


Panini and Chloe

Our Kune Kune, Chloe is Jenny/Te Wangi lines.  She a chunk of love and personality!  At 2.5 years old she is 22 inches tall.  Look at that thick, gorgeous coat. Panini is our 1.5 year old Kunekune.  He and Chloe are expecting a litter in Dec/Jan.  Love, love this breed.

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Our Sass is 2 years old.  1/2 Juliana and 1/2 Kunekune.  She’s a beautiful and extremely outgoing pig.  Very social, but shy with new people.  She is approx 17 inches tall.  Sass is due the first part of October.  This will be her first litter and we expects lots of color.

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Kissy face Babette was 3 years February, 2016.  She’s short and compact at 15 inches tall.  She has a gorgeous shaped head and face.  Very smart little pig.  Her kissy snout is sure to make you smile.


Little Oprah is Babette’s half sister.  Same great personality and short compact build.  Perfect head and snout. She’s 3 years January, 2016.  15 inches tall.  Lovey pig with a big personality.

Mei Mei (May May)
Our pure Meishan beauty.  Meishan are a breed originating from China.  Tall, slender pigs built more like a retriever dog than a pig.  Super loving, lazy, goofy pigs.  Mei is an angel.  She is 3 years and 23 inches tall.  The breed stands at 22-28 inches.
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Oh Stink!  Tootsie’s brother and 4 years.  He is unbelievably adorable.  Perfect personality!  Shorty, but full of it. Stinker is approx 15 inches tall.  Slow growing pig.  His babies have the best temperaments.

Tango is an African Pygmy Guinea mix.  A 2 years old in February, 2016.  He has lived with us since 8 weeks old.  Stunning silver striped as a piglet.  Gorgeous, thick silver coat.  He is a lover.  On your heels at all times.  He has an active, curious personality.  We can’t wait to see his first litter.


Super cutie!  He is 4 years old March 10, 2016.  Sky came to live with us when he was 1 1/2 years. He is gentle as a pig can be.  Quiet, shy, loving.  We have three of his daughters aging 1 and 2 years old and they have that same laid back, gentle personality.

George aka Squishy pig
Pure Meishan, words can’t describe how loved George is.  He is 2 year on Father’s Day, 2016.  We have had him since age 4 weeks.  He is AMAZING!  Over the top loving pig who is just a goof!  He is so much like a large breed dog in personality.  He thinks he is still a tiny piglet that can sit in mom’s lap.