Training Mini Pigs to Sit and Wait


Training Mini Pigs to Sit and Wait

Training 7 week old American Mini Pigs to sit and wait while preparing them for their new homes.  Sit and wait is an essential skill for any pig, of any age to learn.  Starting mini pig training at the youngest age possible is an advantage in many ways.  You are essentially teaching your pig how you want him or her to behave.  Starting those proper manners young, before bad  habits develop and make your relationship with your mini pig more successful from the start.

Training a mini pig to stay or wait can be a more challenging skill to teach because the pig is going to want to scamper to the treat, so keep the reward hidden. Have your pig sit and then repeat “stay” with a hand gesture or finger point. After the pig has sat still for a moment or two, praise, and reward. Each time wait longer and longer before rewarding. Gradually, start taking steps back with a reminder of “stay”, then return to your pig with praise and reward. Stay can be a little easier to maintain if the pig knows you come to them for reward as opposed to them running to you. This one will take some time, patience and extra practice, but it is worth the work. You can practice this skill and build on the time held, by asking your pig to wait for meals. Do not set the food down until your pig has held a
“wait” or stay”.

To learn more tips on teaching sit and wait visit the American Mini Pig Association training article with our Charming Poptart here.

To find more about training look for the Ampa Mini Pig Training Handbook here.


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