Sizing and Breeds

Sizing Chart

Please be aware that size labels can vary from breeder to breeder!  Micro, Super Micro, Teacup, Pixie, Pocket Pig etc. are size labels and not breeds or types of pigs.

Always ask the age of the parents and height/body length to establish a good size reference.


Full Sized Miniature Pig:  18-28 inches or taller and could weigh 100+ pounds.

Breeds of pigs that fit into the Mini size description include Vietnamese Pot Bellied, Kune Kune, Yucatan Minis, America Guinea Hog, Yucatan Micros, Ossabaw, Meishan, Swedish, and some mixed breed pigs.


American Mini Pig: 20 inches tall or shorter:  the smallest of the crosses and breeds.

Breeds of pigs that fit into this size description include the Gottingen/Guttingen, Juliana, African Pygmy, along with mix breeds.


Note: You will see terms such as Micro, Super Micro, Teacup, Nano, Super Nano, Pixie in ads.  These are labels that breeders use to imply a smaller adult pig.  These labels have no standard or guideline so any size pig can be labeled as a teacup, micro, nano, pixie, super micro, etc.  It is best to find an American Mini Pig Association registered breeder who has had to provide proof of birth dates and photos of the actual measurements of their pigs.   It is always best to ask the age and the height/body length of the parent pigs to get the best possible idea of estimated size.  The AMPA has done that work for you and you can find a trustworthy, responsible AMPA registered breeder by clicking here.


Miniature Pig Breeds

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