Zoning Regulations

Zoning Requirements

Mini pigs still fall into the legal description of livestock according to the USDA and the majority of city governments. It is imperative to check with city government zoning regulations before bringing a pig into your family as a pet. Many cities do not allow pet pigs inside the city limits. Some cities do allow pigs with some restrictions, such as only one pig allowed per household, requirements of particular vaccinations, weight limitations.Contact your local city government offices or look on their websites for animal ordinances keeping in mind that a pet pig will most likely fall under their livestock regulations. Below are two links that may allow access to your city ordinances.




If your city is not zoned for a pig as a pet you may attempt to have that ordinance changed or updated. Some of the codes were written many years ago and can be updated. Contact your city council to determine the steps to have the code rewritten or updated prior to adding a pig to your family.  This link provided will give you access to an information packet that can help