Flying Pigs

We do offer air shipping with American airlines.  The piglets fly into the airport closest you.  American Airlines charges approximately $475.  We purchase a airline approved travel kennel $40 for your piglet along with a vet visit and the required health certificate.  Total cost of flight travel is $525.

If your piglet is being shipped we recommend that you take a few things with you to the airport.  Your piglet will be11096503_971007972917952_6936260015655801840_n in a travel kennel.  Some piglets will potty on the trip. You will get extremely nervous as you travel to the airport.  I have even found myself having second thoughts.  It’s perfectly normal and you and your piglet will get through this stressful time just fine!

Take a couple bottles of water, baby wipes, a towel, and you may want to take a second small kennel with you.  Wait until you are in your car to take your piglet out of the kennel, if you feel the desire to hold piggy on the drive home.  Use the baby wipes to clean up any mess and cuddle the baby in the towel.   If you need, you can use a bottle of water to rinse out the dirty kennel.

Best practice is to place the piglet back into the kennel or into a clean one for the ride home.  The baby is going to be so nervous, tired, and stressed from the trip.

Piglet Homecoming

When you get home place the kennel in the piglets area.  Let him/her come out on its own to discover the new environment.  It will be familiar, because we have our piglet area set up as I have described for you.  Sit on the floor with your piglet in the piggy area.

Offer water and pellets out of your hand.  The trip will have really stressed baby out so if it’s not interested in food, don’t push it.  Leave pellets out, along with water.   Remember to move slowly and quietly.  Sudden movements are very startling.  We tell the piglet what we are going to do before we do it.  So if you want to pick your piglet up, say up and then grab the piglet quickly.  The strange hands going after them will freak them out.  If you always say what you are preparing to do, the piglet will quickly learn you mean no harm.