Sales Contract

Prior to purchasing a Charming Mini Pig, you must agree to the terms of our sales contract.  This is a contract to protect the interests of the pig first and foremost.  As an emotionally invested breeder of these amazing piglets, we have certain commitments to them when they are born here.  We want the absolute best care provided them for their lifetime.  That includes healthy diet, fresh water, shelter, vet care, and most importantly we do not want our pigs to end up in shelters or rescues.  All of our pigs are to be returned to our care if for some reason they need a second home.  We would like first contact so that we may assist in placing them if it is not logistically possible to get them here stress free.  

Please agree to the terms of the contract, include your name and contact information and your first and last name as a legally binding online signature.

Sales Contract
Buyer takes full responsibility for checking the zoning requirements in the city the pig will reside in and before any move to a new city/state.
Buyer agrees to provide check ups and veterinary care for the life of the pig, including preventive worming twice a year, any vaccinations recommended by the vet. Worming dates, and information on proper worming dosing will be provided.
Buyer agrees to provide a healthy pelleted diet of mini pig feed along with a variety of healthy greens, and mixed vegetables. No table scraps, dog or cat food, no foods high in sugar, sodium, or starches. Buyer agrees to not over or under feed, but feed based on the pigs overall body condition. A list of healthy foods and the body conditioning chart will be provided.
Buyer agrees to never let the pig run loose unsupervised with dogs.
Buyer agrees to get emergency vet care when and if the pig needs it without hesitation.
Buyer agrees that if for any reason the pig can not stay in the home temporarily or permanently that the breeder will be contacted first. Charming Mini Pigs will be granted ownership of the pig or an opportunity to help find a replacement home. No refunds of any monies paid. This is not negotiable.
Buyer agrees to never place the pig into a new home, shelter, or rescue facility without contacting the breeder first. Charming Mini Pigs has the right to offer the pig a forever home as first option. No refund of any monies paid.
Buyer agrees to provide proper care, food, water, and shelter for the lifetime of the pig.
Buyer agrees to contact the breeder in cases of an emergency and a vet can not be reached.
Buyer agrees to provide appropriate training and enrichment activities to prevent boredom which can result in destructive or aggressive behaviors. Information will be provide by the breeder.
Buyer agrees to do proper research on the American Mini Pig Association website prior to accepting a pig into the home.