New Mini Pig Course

Everything You Should Know Before You Get Your Mini Pig

New Mini Pig Course

Piggy Preschool

New Mini Pig Course-A focus on learning the important skills for raising a new pig.

Are you a new piglet owner or need a refresher course in piglet care and training? Want to learn about being a first time pig parent?  This is a 4 part new mini pig course on topics most new pig owners need some guidance with.  This course is designed to set you up for success in this new stage of life, pig ownership.

This course is sure to help you build your pig’s trust in you.  Your pig will become more confident.  The end result will be a very proud pig with basic manners.  All you need for this course is love,  patience, note taking materials, a harness and leash that is designed specifically for your pig, and a variety of small treats.  It helps to have a treat pouch so that you can get that reward delivered immediately.

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone can participate in this course.  Maybe you are considering adding a new piglet to the family. but want to know what’s really involved in their transitioning, care, feeding, vet care etc.  Maybe you have already added a pig to the household, but you feel overwhelmed.  You just want to step into pig ownership knowing all the tips and tricks to being a successful pig parent.  You could be the owner of an adult pig, but want to add a new pig member to the family. If you are thinking of taking in a rescue pig, this course will help you feel more confident.


You will be armed with all the tools that you need to transition a new pig into the household.  You and your pig will build a trusting and loving relationship.  You will learn how to give your pig the best possible care during this transition and through life.  You will learn how to teach your pig the basic skills needed to keep him or her safe in this new environment.

The end result will be a trusting, respectful relationship.  You will have the knowledge to care for your pig to the best of your ability.

This course has 4 parts:

Part 1:

  • Size expectations
  • Zoning Requirements
  • What to look for in a breeder or rescue
  • What to look for in a piglet
  • The importance of spay and neuter
  • Items to have for your new pig
  • How to prepare your pig’s new space
  • Pig proofing the home
  • First interaction

Part 2:

  • Holding and picking up your new piglet
  • Teaching a pig to be accepting of touch
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Fist bump
  • Dogs and pigs living safely together

Part 3:

  • Microchip, vaccinations, deworming
  • When you would need to see a vet
  • Bathing your piglet
  • Rooting, nudging, biting and how to correct
  • Nutrition

Part 4:

  • The Name Game
  • Teaching Come
  • Gentle treat taking
  • Sit
  • Wait
  • Quiet or inside voice
  • Harness and leash
  • Leave it
  • Hoof trim prep

When are the Classes

As you can see, there are many topics covered in this course.  This is a self paced, online course. You can complete the classes in your own time.  There are no scheduled classes.  You can work as quickly or slowly as your like.  It is best to limit training sessions with your pig to around 10-15 minutes when you reach Part 4.  Training in your free time.  Just before bed has an added benefit of helping your pig sleep well.

You will begin the online video training after you sign up.  You have one year to complete the course, so there is no pressure.  We do recommend that you start as soon as possible.  It’s always best to start when you are motivated.  Feel free to skip around in the lessons at your comfort.

You will find you will enjoy the short training session more than you would have expected.  It’s a nice break from the world with a new friend!

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