Before You Buy a Pet Mini Pig

Mini pigs have become very popular pets. They are not a traditional pet, so it’s easy to be misled when preparing to purchase.

The will NOT stay tiny. Even teacup, micro, pixie pigs will grow to be 15 inches or taller and 75-150 pounds or more as adults based on statistics collected by the American Mini Pig Association.

Pet pigs do not stop growing until they are 5 years old, but they can breed as young as 9-12 weeks. Small parent pigs are very common because they are not done growing!

Piglets should not be taken from their mothers until after 6 weeks old. They should NEVER be sold taking a bottle. Bottle feeding pigs can result in death from aspiration. Piglets should not be sent home with milk. They should be eating a healthy mini pig pellet.

Pigs must be spayed or neutered to be good pets. This should be done before they are placed in their new homes. Spay, neuter, vet health check, and parasites prevention should be taken care of by the breeder.

They are excellent pets! Highly trainable and incredibly loving when they have been well socialized.

Be sure to check your city zoning. Many cities do NOT allow pigs as pets. Its incredibly important that you know if you can keep a pig in your town before you buy.

There are resources to help. Visit the American Mini Pig Association website.



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