Helpful Medical Information

Helpful Medical Information

by Cathy Zolicana, DVM

If your mini pig is sick, go to a veterinarian.  Do not try to treat the pig yourself.  Murphy’s law of veterinary medicine:  Your mini pig will get sick at night, one holiday, or after hours.

Reasons to go to the ER NOW:

  • Your pig will not eat
  • Your pig will not move
  • Your pig is shaking violently, is stiff, or is moving in circles, has a head tilt
  • Your pig is having trouble breathing
  • ​Your pig is vomiting blood or having bloody diarrhea
  • Your pigs body temperature is below 99 or above 104
  • Your pig is pregnant, has been pushing hard for 1 hour, you can see a piglet or part of a piglet in the vaginal canal, but the piglet is not coming​

You can find a vet on the AMPA Vet map by clicking here

Things to have on hand, to help your pig until you can get to the vet:

  • Strawberry Koolaid- for mini pigs who do not want to drink, or have low blood sugar.  Can be used to give some meds since it an mask the taste of a bitter compound.
  • Gatorade(regular/original) or pedialyte-balanced electrolyte solutions to replace fluid lost if vomiting or diarrhea occur.
  • Low sodium chicken brother-can be used to replace fluid lost if vomiting or diarrhea occur
  • Campbell’s vegetable soup-many pigs will eat this when it is warmed up when they will not eat anything else.
  • Canned Pumpkin-high fiber to help if constipation or diarrhea occur
  • Applesauce-many pigs will eat this when they have poor appetite.  Can be used to hide medication
  • Heating pad-for the cold pig.  Set on low so piggie doesn’t get burned.  Also adds security for a new pig-they sleep better those first nights of adjustment
  • Karo syrup-a sugar source to help very cold or inappatetant pigs
  • Sugar-1 teaspoonful in a cup of warm water can be put on gums to raise blood sugar of cold pigs.  They do not have to drink it, it can be absorbed through the mucous membranes of the lips and gums.
  • Instant Oatmeal-many pigs will eat warm oatmeal when they do not eat anything else
  • A few syringes of different sizes or turkey baster so that you an give liquids orally
  • Digital Thermometer-to be used rectally
  • a fan for cooling
  • Ice packs for cooling and in case of a injury to a leg
  • Honey-a sugar source for cold pigs-rub some on the gums.  Can also be mixed in with canned pumpkin if they are reluctant to eat.
Please do not use this information instead of a vet. You ned to consult with a vet if you believe your pig is ill. You can search for a vet here: