Potty Training

Potty Training Your Mini Pig

Potty training your mini pig can be done with consistency and positive reinforcement.  They often learn much faster than other pets.  Mini pigs are clean and prefer one or two specific potty areas.

Options for potty are a cat litter pan or an under the bed plastic storage container.  We always cut a door in the side so that theIMG_0680
piglets can step in easily.  In the litter pan you may use pine shavings, pine litter pellets, or a puppy potty training pad.  We prefer to use the puppy potty training pads with the plastic holder to keep it into place.

Choose your potty spot carefully.  Once you pick a spot it should not be moved.  It’s best to confine your piglet to a small area.  A pet playpen or laundry/bathroom with a baby gate.  In the smaller space your pig will feel safe and at home.  They prefer to potty in one specific spot, usually on the opposite side of the space from food/water or bed.  If your piglet has an accident, clean it up and put it in the potty pan to remind him or her where the potty spot is.  Clean the accident area thoroughly with an odor neutralizer to prevent a return visit.


Many families prefer for their piglet to go outside to potty.  The pigs actually seem to prefer it.  If you want your piglet to potty outside, we recommend the figure 8 style harness.  They are very easy to put on and the piglet cannot wiggle their legs out of it.  You will also want to use a retractable leash.  Pigs do not like to be tethered.

When you put your piglet in its harness, it can be a good idea to use a snack/treat to distract the piglet.  Slip the harness on gently.  Let your piglet wear the harness around the house to get comfortable in it.  Do not take your piglet outside without a harness and leash until you have taught the command to come.  They are fast and they will be impossible to catch if they get loose!

Tips on harness training can be found here

Pigs can be taught to ring a bell to go outside or to use a dog door.  They are incredibly smart and food motivated.  Use this to your advantage!

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