Mini Pig Harness and Leash Training


Mini pig harness and leash training will be important for several reasons.  First, safety!  Piglets are nervous animals when they are first introduced to the new family.  They will be skittish and flighty until they have learned to trust.  I always encourage teaching the command “come” as quickly as possible.  Always say “come” when you offer food and in very little time at all your piglet will have the command down.  This will ensure if your pig/piglet should get away from you or wander, that you can call to get him or her focused back on you.

Once your mini pig is comfortable with you touching and petting you should introduce the harness.  Lay it in your pig’s area and let him/her sniff or chew on it so that the harness is not scary or foreign when you get ready to put it on.  The following video will show how I use treats/pellets to distract our piglet while trying the harness on.

Harness and leash training is an important life skill that every mini pig should be taught.  This will make public outings possible, much easier trips to the vet, mini vacations, as well as useful in an emergency.

Mini Pig Leash Training

If your mini pig is comfortable moving around the house in her harness you can begin the next steps of mini pig harness and leash training.  You need your treat pouch or a small cup of pellets.  Training treat pouches can be purchased at

Your mini pig should be in their harness and you can use the command to come.  Calling the mini pig with the command and a shake of your treat pouch or cup.  When she obliges give huge praises and reward with a treat.  Practice this around the house several times.  When you feel confident you can attach your long leash or retractable leash without applying any pressure.  Just clip the leash onto the harness and let your mini pig move around untethered.  Repeat the steps above, calling her to come and praising, reward!

You can slowly begin to let the pig feel a little pressure on the leash keeping her distracted by your cheers, Good pig!!  Repeat calling her in, “Come, Come”.   Let her wander until she is feeling safe and comfortable with the leash attached.  Pigs do not like to be restrained!  Don’t rush this.  Don’t pull on the leash or apply heavy pressure.  Gentle pressure, cues to come, and luring with the treats will send the message she is safe with this leash attached.  Work on this in the safety of your home if you have the space.  When you are both feeling comfortable and confident move out to a securely fenced area and practice.  Mini pigs love taking walks with their owners.  Your harness and leash skills will be extremely beneficial in keeping your pig safe.  A whole world opens up when you can safely take your mini pig outside of the home.

If you don’t have a copy of the American Mini Pig Association Mini Pig Training Handbook you can find it here.

When choosing a harness you should always use one that is custom designed for mini pigs.

Here are some of our favorite harness makers.

Sheldon's Own Harnesses Pig Gear Pigglz


Leash Training with Poptart


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