Mini Pig Therapy Pet in Training

Mini Pig Therapy Pet in Training

Meet Poptart mini pig therapy pet in training.  Poptart was born here at Charming Mini Pigs.   She started trick training at the young age of 6 weeks old.  She is a star on Youtube with lots of training and trick videos.  She’s even visited retirement communities as a very young pig.  Now Poptart is enrolled in the AMPA Therapy Pet Certification Program.  You can learn more about the program and all that’s required on the American Mini Pig Association.

If you decide to add a Charming Mini Pig to your family, please let us know if you would like additional training started.  We love the challenge and are happy to start your piglet with several tricks and skills.  A well-trained pig is much easier to manage.  Even if you have no plans of taking your pig in public trick training is a required part of pig ownership.  We encourage every mini pig owner to train and get your pig working in the public to help educate the general public about their actual size and the joys and challenges of mini pig ownership.

AMPA Therapy Pet Certification Program

Poptart has always been highly trainable and now she is working on fewer tricks and mastering more serious skills.  As a piglet, we had so much fun learning every trick we could.  Poptart was my practice pig for the AMPA Mini Pig Training Handbook.  Every Charming Mini Piglet leaves with a training book and the AMPA Mini Pig Owners Book.  You can find your copy of the AMPA books here on the American Mini Pig Store.

Poptart has a natural gift with strangers like her mom, Ivy and grandparents Tootsie and Sky all here at the Charming farm.  They are friends with everyone they meet.  Naturally social pigs are so special and a rare find in a mini pig.  Here at Charming Mini Pigs, it is our goal to produce those laid back, but social personalities in our litters.  Naturally loving pigs that are easily trainable.

You can find more great training info in the AMPA Mini Pig Training Handbook found here on the American Mini Pig Store.  You can find the AMPA Snout Target Training Stick in the Mini Pig Training bundle here.   The proper tools make training a snap!


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