Mini pig training-Starting basic skills

Mini pig training is an essential part of successful ownership. It’s a form of communication that allows you to connect very deeply with your mini pig while you teach how you would like your pig to behave.

I love training. It’s become an absolute passion since co authoring the Ampa Mini Pig Training Handbook. Some YouTube followers know my Poptart the Charming Mini Pig. She was the practice pig for the book and the source of the spark that grew inside of me.

I start basic skills with all my litters. These skills can vary from litter to litter based on trainability, time, cost of the piglets. If you would like extra training please let me know and I can absolutely accommodate.

This 6 week old litter of American Mini Pigs are doing amazing! They have been started on sit, wait, spin, kiss, come, and the target stick which will lead to even more complex tricks and skills.

Mini pig training is incredible stress relieving. It creates an incredible bond between you and your mini pig. One that is key for successful mini pig ownership.


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