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Available Piglets

Just what you have been looking for.  Piglet pictures!!

We are accepting deposits and payments on an upcoming Spring litter now.

Our litters are registered with the American Mini Pig Association.  The piglets will come with registration papers and a new owner bundle including the AMPA Mini Pig New Owners Guide and the AMPA Mini Pig Training Handbook.

They will be neutered, vet checked, microchipped, and wormed.  We socialize all the piglets in the home.  They are potty pad started before they leave us.  We are here to help you through this process and provide support before, during, and after you add a pig to the family.

Looking for a pre-spoiled piglet then we are the breeder for you!  We produce very laid back babies that love to be handled.

Charming Mini Pigs has been placing pigs as Therapy Pets and Emotional Support Animals(ESA) for years. We are now providing new services that will better prepare our mini pigs to fulfill the needs of these jobs. If you are interested in learning more or you are looking for a pig to work as a Therapy Pet or ESA please contact us and we can discuss how to help you. You can reach us by clicking here.

If you are interested in pricing information please go to the Contact Us page, call or email.  We are happy to share the details and answer any question you may have about becoming a pig family.

Shipping is available through out the U.S. including Alaska. 

Fill out our pre-screening adoption application by clicking here!

Please check your local city office to determ if you are zoned to own a pig as a pet.  Do proper research on the challenges that may be involved with owning a pig by visiting the American Mini Pig Associtaion website.

Introducing Ivy and Tango’s litter!!

Ivy was born here to mother Tootsie and father Sky.  You can see her picture and the pictures of her 4+ year old parents for a clear visual of size for both generations.




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Adopted Male

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For more information on our available piglets or upcoming litters please contact us.  We are happy to answer any questions.

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Note: You will see terms such as Micro, Super Micro, Teacup, Nano, Super Nano, Pixie in ads.  These are labels that breeders use to imply a smaller adult pig.  These labels have no standard or guideline so any size pig can be labeled as a teacup, micro, nano, pixie, super micro, etc.  It is best to find an American Mini Pig Association registered breeder who has had to provide proof of birth dates and photos of the actual measurements of their pigs.   It is always best to ask the age and the height/body length of the parent pigs to get the best possible idea of estimated size.  The AMPA has done that work for you and you can find a trustworthy, responsible AMPA registered breeder here:

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Please know that a pig under the age of 3 years is still growing in height and weight. A pig is considered mature at 5 years of age.   Parent pigs that are 2 years or older will give you more accurate definition or expectation of size.  There are no know healthy pigs as pets under 50 pounds or 15 inches tall.  Please do your research to have realistic adult size expectations before adding a pig to your family.